Belsim presents you the first tool of the next generation of DVR software: VALI Add-in for Excel.

The first light version of VALI Add-in for Excel, the new Belsim reporting tool which allows viewing and exploiting VALI results, is available for download on Belsim website.



The whole Belsim Team would like to thank all the 19th BELSIM USER MEETING attendees for their participation. It was a real pleasure for us to welcome you and to receive your feedback regarding VALI 5. Be sure that we will take it into account for the software development roadmap.

We hope you had a great time in Brussels and enjoyed the interesting presentations, the lively discussions and the sunny weather...


Belsim - Process data validation and reconciliation experts

Your performance wizard

How well is your plant performing? Do you really know? Or is important information hidden in measurement errors?

Advanced data validation and reconciliation tools give you the actual status of your process. Root causes for non optimal performance, elevated energy consumption and failing equipment or sensors are additional benefits.

What could be your benefits?

  • Accurate and reliable values for all sensors
  • Detection of measurement errors, including gross error detection and elimination
  • Estimates for any unmeasured value; the system provides validated values, including its accuracy. For unmeasured flow rates, it acts as a virtual flow meter
  • Alarms when the difference between measured and validated values of any measurement exceeds a given threshold
  • Equipment condition based maintenance
  • Reliable production data throughout the entire process/site/network
  • Accurate production accounting and production allocation
  • Detection of leaks and non-optimal operation
  • Optimal design of your sensor network

What we offer

Our core business is the innovating field of advanced data validation and reconciliation where Belsim is the technology leader with the software suite VALI. Belsim major advantage is the combination of process expertise and their proprietary advanced data validation and reconciliation software, providing solutions that are industry specific. We are mainly focused on upstream and downstream oil and gas plus energy production including energy utilities.

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Using our industry expertise, our proprietary software and data analysis tools we offer solutions for:

  • Energy Management
  • Performance Assessment
  • Production Allocation/Accounting
  • Loss Management
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Virtual/Soft Sensors



Belsim offers a range of services including:

  • Measurement instrumentation design
  • Scouting, feasibility studies
  • Offline modeling for performance test/audit
  • Online implementation of our solutions
  • Managed operation
  • Optimization



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