Belsim's mission is to improve its clients' process performance. Our core business is the innovative field of advanced data validation and reconciliation where Belsim is the technology leader with the software suite VALI.

Created end of 1986 as a spin-off from University of Liège, Belsim is an independent Belgian company active in the field of advanced data validation and data reconciliation. We specialize in delivering solutions, consulting and software for performance management, production allocation, energy management, loss management and process optimization. Our solutions are based on a flexible software suite, offering benefits in many different industry sectors. Nevertheless, we are mainly active in the oil and gas production, refining and both conventional and nuclear energy production including energy production at industrial sites. Belsim also provides its software and experience to engineering companies and research institutions.

As the developer of VALI, Belsim is uniquely equipped to install, implement and support VALI advanced data validation and reconciliation solutions. In addition, Belsim's engineers have developed an extensive body of expertise through their work on advanced data validation and reconciliation and engineering projects at a wide variety of process plants in different countries all over the world.

This unique combination of software, engineering competence and process expertise allows Belsim to improve process performance and solve client specific needs, using a turn-key solutions approach.



Belsim VALI complies with the German VDI 2048 standard.
Belsim VALI has a thermodynamic socket compliant with CAPE-OPEN 1.0.
Belsim company complies with ISO 9001 : 2015 standard.

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Belsim is happy to present its technology for upstream sector and

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