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The team at BELSIM ENGINEERING is a constellation of creative, positive and knowledgeable people. Most of our team members are chemical engineers with a strong process knowledge but we also have mechanical engineers, software engineers and administrative personnel.

The management team consists of:

Pascal LEURQUIN & Boris LATOUR – Managing Directors,

Johan HOFMAN – Chief Commercial Officer,

Frédéric LECOQ – Head of Engineering,

Laurent GUELDER – Development Manager.

We have a strong scientific commitment, with Boris KALITVENTZEFF, the founder of Belsim and current chairman of the board, as scientific advisor. We work in close collaboration with several universities and professors, in particular with Grégroire LEONARD at Université de Liège, François MARECHAL at Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Christian CHARLIER at HELMO Gramme institute.



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12 Jan, 2016
13 Nov, 2015

Belsim is now on Youtube !

Please do not hesitate to check

03 Apr, 2015

Belsim is proud to announce its 20th User Meeting that will

19 May, 2014

” Saudi Aramco President and CEO Khalid Al-Falih outlined the

27 May, 2013

Belsim is happy to present its technology for upstream sector and

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