I can tell you that you will be impressed by their capability as much as we are
Managing Director,
Fertilizer Industry, Belgium

"It is my pleasure to comment on the excellent collaboration we have experienced with Belsim S.A in the frame of our NH3 plant revamp project."


I would like to insist on the very high skills and experience of Belsim engineers in process engineering and in ammonia plants in particular. With our own process engineers through this very high added value collaboration, we are pleased to have worked jointly on this revamp project. Our decision has been clearly justified by the project output.


Original testimonial in pdf : EnBW - Gemeinschaftskernkraftwerk

VALI not only led to an improved plant diagnosis but even improved economics
Franz Steckenborn, Germany
Nuclear Power plant

“After the outage of 2002 the calibration on the feed water mass flow measurements has been supported by VALI III the first time. The more precise calibration possibility led to a reduction of the before necessary conservatives by the mass flow determination. This results to increase of thermal reactor power of the unit and therefor increased the electrical power outlet of 15MW in average.”


Orginal testimonial in pdf : Neckar GmbH

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